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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Rise and Shine --- The cloud is scary

Good Morning and how about that Queen!
So, about 2 p.m. Friday, my iPhone took a dive. Well, actually, it was in a bathing suit pocket when the wearer took a dive.
We don't need to go into any depth there, but, suffice to say, the phone went to a watery grave.
Sure, I tried all the Internet hits. The now paperweight sat in a bag of rice for hours. It was left out in the sun. It was blow-dried. It was plugged in.
By midday Saturday, the obvious was becoming fact in my mind, the phone was dead. I was going to have to get a new one.
I tried going though my provider (cough, AT&T, cough), but, even though my next upgrade would be available in January, they refused to help me out. If I wanted to replace the iPhone, I was going to have to pay like $450.
Uh, it's not that important.
Then I remember a coworker talking about how his son's iPhone gets wet (OK, it gets beer spilled on it) every six months or so. He goes to the Apple store to get a new one.
I figured there was no way he was paying $450 every six months, so, it was off to Apple we went.
Got there about 11:30 and, yes, there was a line since the store doesn't open until Noon on Sundays. By the way, how can Apple cry poor when people line up in front of their store at 11:30 on a Sunday.
After talking to one of the store's resident 'Geniuses' (Wait, I thought they all worked here), I got a new phone for about $150.
It's not like I have $150 sitting around doing nothing, but I figured I needed the phone (don't have a landline) and it was better than waiting until January.
I turned the new phone on, went through the set up and, about 10 minutes later, it was like I had never dunked the old phone. All the photos, numbers and browsing history were there. A game I was playing 10 minutes before the water, was at the same place I left.
Forget big brother, it's the cloud that's scary.


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