Monday, September 17, 2012

Rise and Shine --- Doesn't make sense

Good Morning and, whew, that was a full weekend!

So, the violence continues to escalate in the Middle East.

What apparently was the catalyst to all this was some goofy looking movie made by an anti-Muslim filmmaker.

Not only does the movie make some in the Middle East angry, but it also looks badly made. Just watching the trailer, it's pretty obvious the actors weren't even saying the lines that showed up on film.

While, I wouldn't tell anybody their religious beliefs are wrong, I fear that at some point, the film will be just an excuse.

Unfortunately, we live in a world were violence just escalates. It doesn't slow down.

After a while, it's just the reason used to destroy things for the sake of destroying them. A week from now, there might be gangs still attacking embassies, but they probably won't remember the reason.

Look, here people turn over cars and light them on fire when their team wins a championship, so we shouldn't be pointing fingers.

Sometimes, though, cooler heads have to take over, right?

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