Monday, September 24, 2012

Rise and Shine --- Stupid, but what if?

Good Morning and welcome back to the cool side of the pillow.

So, after much hype, the new TV show 'Revolution' premiered last week. The second episode is on tonight, I think. (It is Monday, right?)

Anyway, I checked out the show mostly because there wasn't anything else on Monday night. The premise, for those that stick with pro wrestling, is somehow all the power was lost around the world in one fell swoop. The lights went out, people went crazy, the whole world became the wild, wild west.

There were some cool shots of an overgrown Wrigley Field and stuff. The acting was kind of pedestrian, but, you know, we aren't looking for Oscar winners here.

If you buy into the fantasy that something like all the power going out at once and nobody can fix it, well, then it's not so bad. Sure, it could never happen.

Then again, as my Firefox browser shut down for the fourth time already this morning, I got to wondering where we would all be without computer access, cell phones and the rest.

Imagine if all the computers went out around the world after some kind of virus. We'd actually have to, gasp, pull out the vinyl to listen to music. We wouldn't know Bobo down the street was heading to the store. There would be no quick reviews of Wawa coffee.

Uh, I think we'd survive without Wrigley Field being overgrown, but you never know.

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