Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Rise and Shine --- YAWN

Good Morning and there's something about these rainy days that just make it too easy to go back to bed!

I remember these kind of days (since they didn't come all the time) were kind of cool while in grade school. Usually, we'd get dropped off by the bus and start running around until the bell rung.

We would race, play football, talk about the Phillies game or the latest edition of Sports Illustrated.

Rainy days, though, we were forced inside. We would wait in the cafeteria until the bell. Since nobody wanted to look uncool and carry an umbrella, we'd all be a little wet.

Somehow, though, those mornings with the rain coming down outside hold more memories to me than the ones spent running around outside.

It's probably because that was the days when we were always outside. We'd wake up on, say, a Saturday morning, eat a quick breakfast, then jump on our bikes.

Now, I have a hard time convincing the children to get outside. Ride bikes? Only if it's a miracle.

Rainy days today are celebrated because there is no choice. Back in the day, it was a welcome break.

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