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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rise and Shine --- Movie night?

Good Morning and how about those Giants!

The movie viewers in the house range in ages from 13 to 7 (almost 8). Up until this weekend, I didn't think that matter too much.

After all, we kind of all agree on most movies we watch. There is a lot of animation and mostly dumb comedies that are family friendly. You know, like those goofy Eddie Murphy movies with talking animals or the latest Pixar fare.

So, while riding around Saturday afternoon, we were talking about movies we could watch later that night.

How about Abbott and Costello Meet Dracula? That's a good one for Halloween!

"No, that's stupid," said the 13-year old.

Yeah, but it's funny.

"I want to watch 'The Terminator,'" the teenager continued.

Well, I think that's a little intense for the little guys. What do the other kids in school watch?

"They are watching 'The Terminator' or 'Friday the 13th' or good movies like that," came the complaint. "Nobody in school watches Abbott and Costello."

Well, that's their loss. I'm trying to show you some of the classics.

"They are just dumb. Nobody watches those movies. Nobody watches 'Duck Soup.' Nobody's even heard of it."

Now, as a way of explanation, a few months ago we were looking for something to watch and we stumbled on a showing of the Marx Brothers' great movie called 'Duck Soup.'

It's a major anti-war movie and it's laugh-out-loud funny, like most Marx Brothers movies. Apparently, though, it's lost on the teenage crowd.

Well, I said, maybe we should invite some of your friends over and watch 'Duck Soup.' We could even have some pizza.

"Nobody will come over. Nobody wants to watch that. Nobody's even heard of those movies. It's embarrassing."

OK, I'll call your teachers and see if I can come in and show the movie during school.



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