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Monday, October 15, 2012

Rise and Shine --- Politics and sunshine

Good Morning and, you know, sometimes you have good weekends and sometimes you have GOOD weekends!

Usually I leave this political talk to legends like Spencerblog, but, with another presidential debate just a day away, I'd thought I'd chime in on the subject.

OK, here goes: I hate political ads.

They bore me. They make me want to not vote for the person in the ad.

The worst this year are the ones being blasted on our TV screen by Tom Smith. Look, I don't know Tom Smith. Seems like he could be a nice enough guy, but, really, I don't care if you worked in the coal mines. I don't care, Tom, that you started your own energy company. I do know, Tom, like most corporate owners these days, I'm sure you're not paying your workers what they are worth.

That's neither here nor there, though. What I really want to know is who is swayed by these ads? What are their target audience?

Are there actually some who are watching TV, see a Tom Smith ad that says Bob Casey is a career politician and think, 'Hey, he's right. I never thought of it that way.'

Who you vote for should be based on what these candidates really stand for, what they really believe. Hey, I know it's hard. You are basically begging for your job every couple of years, but, come on, get out of the commercial business.


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