Monday, March 24, 2014

Hoops vs. movies: The battle for the remote

Good Morning and I think I heard something about tomorrow...

Since we get to sleep in a little later on the weekends, we usually stay up later on Friday and Saturday nights watching some type of movie.
Most times, it's some kind of dumb comedy or action flick. With Netflix and the on-demand stuff, there are plenty of options. The good thing is if the movie is really terrible (there are plenty of those), it's not as bad as if paying at the theater.
The same schedule holds out for most of the year. The movies come on and everybody settles into their spots in the living room.
There is only one exception: The NCAA basketball tournament.
It's just something I like watching. It doesn't matter the game, if one is a blowout, there are three others going on at the same time.
So, we settled in Friday with basketball on the tube.
The first complaint came five minutes later: "Do we really have to watch this all night? Can't we watch a movie? This is BORING!!!"
Quick answers: Yes. Go in the other room. No it's not.
Now, I have to give my housemates credit. They aren't really basketball fans, so they put up with my indulgence before just going to bed a little earlier than a usual Friday.
Now, when I tried to pull the same thing Saturday? That's when the real battle began.

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