Monday, March 10, 2014

Where do all the hippies meet?

Good Morning and I feel like throwing a party when that last snowflake melts!

Sitting inside Saturday was not going to be an option. It was too nice outside.
The problem was, with all the snow melting, there was a lot of mud. The last thing anybody wants is mud tracking through the living room.
So, after prying everybody off the computer, phone and video games, it seemed like a perfect day to take a stroll down South Street.
Of course, the idea struck thousands of others, but that's OK. Sometimes, it's nice to be out in the crowds.
When the children were small, we used to take that walk once in a while. Maybe stop for an ice cream or check out the book stores. That was years ago (I'd guess about 8), so it was really all new to them.
We found parking around 12th Street and started walking toward Penn's Landing. We stopped in stores (no, not THOSE stores) and took in the air (maybe not fresh, but that's OK).
When we got done I heard from the back, "Dad? Thanks for taking us."

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