Thursday, March 6, 2014

Pizza, pizza, uh, pizza?

Good Morning and are you getting fired up for the Phillies yet?

I've always kind of wondered if there were more bars or pizza places in Delaware County. Can you really go anywhere around here without running into one or both or, sometimes, both at the same place.
A pizza place went out of business near my house and was replaced, yep, by another pizza place.
Now, for the most part, I think they are all pretty good. Sure, there are subtle differences in the sauce (or gravy, if you prefer). When feeding teens and pre-teens, well, those little things don't really matter.
I have a couple of favorites, but it's mostly out of convenience rather than anything else.
Earlier this week, Pica's Pizza in Upper Darby made a spot appearance on the Tonight Show.
It got a lot of reaction.
It fostered a lot of debate.
So, a thought popped into my head (yeah, it happens every once in a while): Where is the best pizza in Delaware County?
Well, we've taken the nominees and will be breaking them down over the next couple of days. Monday will be the start of Delco Pizza Madness. So, get your taste-buds (and voting fingers) ready.
For now, there's this:

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