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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

What a drag it is getting old

Good Morning and here we are again!

I find it kind of ironic the Rolling Stones released a single called 'Mother's Little Helper' on July 2, 1966.
First of all, the line 'What a drag it is getting old' doesn't exactly ring true. It's not really a drag. Not for me and especially not for the Stones. I saw them when they played Philly last June. There was no dragging on the stage.
What I'm talking about is my knees. My right knee is not a big fan of this training I've been doing for the Broad Street Run. Over the weekend, I felt like it was laughing at me. Well, OK, not laughing, but at least making sure I wouldn't laugh.
I remember back in high school playing a pickup baseball game (Does anybody play pickup baseball anymore?). After getting a hit, I rounded first and was going to try for second, but the ball was thrown in from the outfield. I stopped quickly and tried to get back, but my right knee went the other way.
I lay in pain for a few minutes, then rubbed some dirt on it and kept playing.
Now, I might be paying for that decision.

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