Thursday, April 24, 2014

Cable TV? Hmmm

Good Morning and, man, it was chilly out there this morning!

I can remember when we first got cable TV in the house way back in 1981.
I remember watching a movie on PRISM just because I could watch a movie on PRISM (it was like a local version of HBO). They also showed Phillies home games, so, you know, so much for listening on the radio.
There was also this little thing called MTV, which showed music videos. So, you know, so much for listening to the radio.
In those heady days, network TV still had a stranglehold on programming. You wanted to watch a new show, you had to be in front of the TV at the right time.
Next came the VCR and, well, you could watch your favorite shows any time as long as you could figure out the damn clock.
We've certainly advanced since then. Now, there are 100s of channels and the networks don't always have the best option.
I think the end of cable is coming sooner than a lot of Comcast executives want to admit. Pretty soon, we'll be able to stream everything right from the Internet onto our TV. Netflix and Amazon are changing the game with movies and TV shows.
Why pay for 100 channels with nothing on when you can pick and choose for much less?
We are close to cutting the cable cord. It will be interesting to see where it goes.

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