Monday, April 7, 2014

Over here Cap

Good Morning and I hear it's getting warmer!

Every once in awhile I get excited about a new movie coming out.
It doesn't happen too often. I figure I can wait for most to turn up on Netflilx or (rarely) On-Demand.
Years ago, when my group was younger, I remember seeing billboards and watching commercials for the 'Polar Express.' I hadn't read the book, I just had this feeling it would be a great movie to give children the whole theater experience. I was right.
The past couple of weeks, I've been seeing the trailers for the new Captain America movie.
Now, first a little history, I had a few Captain America action figures growing up. Although I was never really into comic books, I always thought it was a cool story about fighting Nazis and stuff.
So, even though we watched the first movie in the series on television, we were psyched about going to the theater for this one.
When you get these big, action movies, they are better at the theater (despite the price). It is an enjoyable movie. It's a lot of fun.
And, if you buy a large popcorn, you get free refills.
Can't beat that.

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