Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Citizens Bank Park: A decade of what?

Good Morning and I guess it's time the rain stopped!

So, after they roll the giant flag back up and an acrobat drops the first ball from a helicopter or something, the Phillies will officially start their 10th season in Citizens Bank Park.
Eh, whatever.
Sure fans have been able to enjoy an unprecedented amount of success during the decade. Remember, folks, the Phillies have not had the best of histories.
The 2008 World Series was great. The surrounding seasons were a lot of fun, but, for me, at least, the stadium holds no pull.
Truth be told, I haven't been there too often. The Phillies (Major League Baseball in general) have outpriced a family from going to the games.
With the three baseball fans coming along with me, I'd have to take out a small loan to see a game.
Even without that, there always seemed to be something antiseptic about the stadium. The Park as all the bells and whistles, but, then what?
Winning, of course, makes it all look prettier. Somehow, though, 100 years down the line, I don't think there will be a lot of nostalgia about attending Citizens Bank Park.

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Anonymous said...

You know your life sucks when you got nothing else to write about but ranting against Citizens Bank Park... get a grip pal!