Monday, June 9, 2014

Black & Decker makes more than tools?

Good Morning and here we go with another day for ducks!

I have to get into the office early most days. What that means is pushing the snooze button as many times as possible so I just have enough time to shower and get breakfast.
A few years ago, I found out I could sleep a few more minutes if I just went the smoothie route in the morning.
Somebody gave me an old Vitamix. You know, that high-end blender they like to show off at Whole Foods and on those infomercials.
I loved it from the first day. It was able to grind up everything I needed into a refreshing breakfast drink. I eventually used it to make everything from soup to sauce.
Alas, though, it slowly stopped working. A couple of months ago, the speed control didn't work correctly. It stayed on high speed. It still worked for me in the morning, but I knew the end was near.
It was time to look for a new blender. Sure, I'd like a new Vitamix, but, you know, a $400 blender would be a little out of the budget.
I looked around and stumbled on something called the Black & Decker FusionBlade (OK, I was actually e-mailed by the company, but I still checked it out).
So, for the far more reasonable price of $50, I can now say I don't really miss the Vitamix. Seriously, I know we like to have the top-line gadgets, but I found out I can do just about everything with the FusionBlade.
I even made my first batch of spring gazpacho and didn't miss a beat.
The best part, and I know I can be rather silly about this, is what the company calls a "Personal Jar."
Basically, I can just load everything I need into the cup, screw on the blender part at the bottom, hit the Smoothie button and I'm ready to go.
I don't have to clean anything out after making my breakfast. I just hit the bottom and go.
You know, anything to grab another minute under the covers.

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