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Monday, August 25, 2014

From the Phillies on down

Good Morning gentle readers!

How far have the Phillies fallen? Well, I had a couple of tickets for last Friday's game and couldn't give them away. Seriously, I was just going to give them to anybody who wanted to go.
Nobody wanted to go.
Just a couple of years ago, I probably could have sold them for double the amount I paid. Now, the market has died. I think it's gone and buried.
There is no market. There are completely empty sections in the stadium. You can sit where ever you want (provided you can sneak past the aisle guards).
The thing is, there's something great about the ballpark on a summer night.
It doesn't matter if the home team stinks. It doesn't matter if the visiting team stinks (the Cardinals are no great shakes this year either).
When you walk through the gates, it's like entering a different world.
The smells are there. The green grass is still there.
I was outpriced by baseball years ago. It's just too expensive to take everybody to the game on a consistent basis.
I remembered Friday night what was so right about the game, though.

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