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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Rise and Shine


OK, it's taken a couple of days to figure it out, but we now know why Larry Mendte felt the need to break into Alycia Lane's e-mail account.
It wasn't to get his hands on those famous bikini shots or to dig for some dirt on his former anchor co-host at Channel 3.
No, Mendte must be feeling the financial crush we are all living with these days. There's no doubt, Mendte, who grew up in Lansdowne (throw a stone), must have been trying to get a little bit of that Nigerian money.
Lane, who was fired by the station back in December after she supposedly slapped a New York City cop, must have let Mendte know about the free money being given away every day via e-mail.
Heck, my Yahoo account has 3,512 e-mails about free credit cards, free stuff from Target and those frozen accounts in Africa.
Just looking quickly, I can work at home and make $200,000 a year. I can get $250,000 in life insurance for just a buck.
So, why do we need to work?
Here's a good week, living via e-mail:
After working at home an hour a day and making $50,000, I can take the car to Bloomingdales for my free Bloomies and then head over to Olive Garden for a free meal.
Heading home around noon, I can stop off at Target and use my free Visa card to pick up some new clothes.
Now comes the tough part. I have to decide between a free trip to Las Vegas, a weekend in Cancun or maybe a few days in Costa Rica.
That can wait, though, first I have to e-mail my bank account, social security number and address to somebody in Zaire who has a secret stash of money. It's really a sad story, apparently her father was killed by her uncle, but not before her father put $10 million in a secret bank account. If I send my information to this person, I can keep $8 million for myself.
You know, if I do that, I won't need all this free stuff.
So, I can certainly understand why Larry Mendte would check out somebody else's e-mail. Still, while he's sitting at home with no work, I want to help out.
This morning, I created
That should make it easier. Just send me a note, Larry, and I'll send along the password. You too can get the benifit of e-mail solicitations.
Speaking of Larry Mendte:

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