Monday, June 2, 2008

Rise and Shine


Well, as we get down to the end of another school year, it's time to think about what to do during the summer.
Way back when, parents maybe went on a vacation for a week during the summer, did a couple of day trips, then let the children fend for themselves the rest of the summer.
It was fun to go away, but it was maybe more fun to spend the entire day with friends. Even if it was just sitting around in the shade, there was a simplicity to it that just seemed right.
Maybe there'd be a quick baseball game or football game. There was a lot of bike riding and running around.
You would eat breakfast, come back for lunch, then be back again at dinnertime. After dinner, there was more outside time until it got too dark to see.
Now, you can't let the children play outside, even on your front lawn, without keeping an Eagle eye on them.
There are too many dangers out there. The question is, are the dangers more now or are we just more conscious of them?
Well, I think the dangers have exploded as the years have gone along. Sure, there were plenty of predators out there in the 1970s, but maybe they weren't so out in the open.
We didn't have to worry about cars pulling up with somebody looking to hurt children. We didn't have to worry about so many people running around with weapons. We, and I mean both parents and children, didn't have to worry about such serious things.
Now, we have to have camps and planned activities for children. They miss out a lot now. We need to get back to simpler times.

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