Friday, May 30, 2008

Rise and Shine


While sitting here thinking about how I'm going to get to work now that gas has reached the $4 mark, I was wondering:

If the movie 'Sex and the City' is for women only, why do they push the 'Sex' part and not the 'City' part?
If the Phillies keep scoring all those runs here at the end of May, does that mean they'll set a team record for being shut out in June?
If the Lakers (who are already there) and Celtics play in an NBA Championship reunion, will it be long before The Human League gets back on the stage?
Is that really a bear wondering around Bucks County, or just a neighbor having a bad hair day?
Why can't an oil company make a mistake and come to my house and fill the tank?
Does anybody really pay attention any more to the Billboard Hot 100?
If an alien spaceship is monitoring Earth right now, are they laughing or crying?
If Harrison Ford, 65, can come back as Indiana Jones, why can't Clint Eastwood make another 'Every Which Way but Loose?'
How many people actually read these posts?
When I win the Powerball, will I continue to work for two weeks or just never return?
Is it to safer to swim off the shore of Atlantic City or Marcus Hook?
If I drive the speed limit and actually stop at stop signs in Delaware County, will I get pulled over for 'eratic driving?'
Which is true: 'Money can't buy you love' or 'Money don't get everything it's true, but what it don't get I can't use.'
If George W. Bush was around in 1776, would the Constitution include a 'lying for the sake of improving political standing' clause?
Why have we become a society that does nothing but complain instead of seeing the beauty around every day?
Is a 'scumbag' just a drug dealer or any kind of criminal?
Why do public schools have to put so much pressure on children starting in kindergarten that they hate school by second grade?
Why can I drive to Delaware to get a big screen TV, but get pulled over for purchasing a bottle of wine?
While Starbucks is taking over the world, why are there so few in Delaware County?
If I promise to give 50 cents to a charity, will you send me a dollar?
Who comes up with those people poll questions?
Can Fox News actually offer an unbiased opinion?
Isn't this one of the funniest video clips or all time:

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