Friday, May 2, 2008



We love lists, don't we.
This week, we've had the 100 most influential people in the world, a new look at the 100 best movies of all time and the 10 best songs of the 90s.
A while ago, television host David Letterman floated out news he was going to stop is nightly Top 10 list, which itself started as a joke about lists. There was such an outcry, it only lasted about a week.
Now, you can find your favorites any time you want.
There are books dedicated to the top whatever of whatever. There are probably lists about everything.
There was even a list of rejected People Poll questions.
It all comes down to fun. It's fun to argue about the top of the lists. It can make a boring work day go a little quicker.
So, I offer a list, pulled together while following the Pennsylvania Primary:
The top political coverage in the country:
1. CNN
1. (tie) FoxNews
1. (tie) MSNBC
1. (tie) CNBC
1. (tie) CBS News
1. (tie) ABC News
1. (tie) ESPN.

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