Friday, May 16, 2008



Had a fun night Thursday night attending a birthday party at noted home improvement store Chuck E. Cheese's.
With the exception of the volume being way too loud during the anammotronic band performance, it was need to see children running around playing games, laughing and having fun.
Now that there aren't arcades in malls anymore and video games are increasingly violent at home, it's nice to take a break some times and just let loose.
A real interesting thing, though, was the most popular game for the party goers appeared to be skee ball.
That's right, the old boardwalk game where you roll heavy balls up a ramp and attempt to get them into the highest scoring holes.
There was one 6-year old who couldn't get enough of the game. He would have stayed at there all night, pumping fake coins into the slot, just to keep rolling the balls. It didn't matter what the score ended up or even if the ball went up the correct lane. Just grab the next and let loose.
Way back when, the restaurant, which, ironically is an offshoot of the Atari company, used to have a couple of video games and some bad pizza.
While, the food remains the same, it now becomes an event with games and even a ball pit and a climbing maze.
It's not something you can do every day, but, once in a while, is pretty fun.
Now, if they can just improve those prizes...

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