Monday, May 12, 2008



What a fine morning it is out there, huh?
These May flowers better be pretty nice after the weekend we've been put through weather-wise.
Anyway, as a nasty cold continues to go through the house, I have to wonder if everybody is dealing with some new kind of virus.
It used to be you get a cold, it knocks you out for a day or two, then you're back grooving. Now, and it's not only one house, but a lot of houses, the cold/virus/flu/whatever sticks around for weeks. Just when you think you are done, it's jumped to another person in the house and the cycle continues. Eventually, it gets back to you and the whole thing starts over again.
Much like the other changes, political and climate-wise, in the world these days, it appears nusiance ills are stronger than ever.
Nature has a way of adapting. Try to get rid of the squirrels and they learn how to avoid the traps.
Spray for ants, and the ants become immune to the poison.
It's the same with colds. The reason we can't cure the common cold is because it's no longer common. We've invented so many cold formulas and medicines, it's now evolved into something else.
So, instead of going the drug store route, the best way to stay healthy is what Mom said all those years ago: Eat your vegetables. That seems to work best.

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