Thursday, May 15, 2008



Found it interesting John Edwards jumped on the Barack Obama bandwagon yesterday.
Smacks me as a bit of a Johnny-Come-Lately. Sort of like the sports fan who waits to see which team is good and becomes their 'greatest fan.'
Somebody who didn't care a lick about the New England Patriots, suddenly is wearing their T-shirts after four Super Bowls. Or the Tigers fan who couldn't even point to Detroit on the map, but suddenly follows the team every day.
It would have been a bigger statement had Edwards stepped up months ago and backed Obama for the Democtratic nomination. While in the long run, Edwards might have been a better candidate than Obama or Hillary Clinton, it just wasn't going to be his time.
I give him credit for dropping out of the race when he did, but he should have stepped up then to claim a choice.
I wonder if Hillary was in the delegate lead if Edwards would have had a press conference with her yesterday.
Now, he's telling everybody the change needed is Obama. To say it now appears as if he's trying to line up some kind of positition in the party.
By the way, go Penguins.

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