Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Rise and Shine


Well, I guess it all has to do with perspective.
While doing some Internet research Monday for Rise and Shine I found this story about gas prices
Now, we were talking about breaking the $1 mark in 1999. Imagine somebody who fell asleep in 1998 and woke up 10 years later. Not would they have the culture shock of another George Bush in the White House, but they would probably craw back in bed with the $4 we are now spending on a gallon of gas.
Sure, riding a bike is one solution, but what else can we do?
We, unfortunately, are at the mercy of gas companies and whoever else is driving the price because we need our cars. SEPTA doesn't offer us a workable solution.
Anyway, it's funny about perspective.
When we were little we were content with just playing. Didn't matter the game. Didn't matter if there were rules. It was probably better if there were no rules.

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