Monday, May 5, 2008



What a fine morning we have, with the sun shining bright and the promise of a nice new week.
Now, with that out of the way, got to thinking about all things in general. After I put my head back together, I started to wonder what has happened to things.
Sure, the world is changing. We all know that. We are going digital. Everbody has a cell phone and cars eat up too much gas, but there are smaller things here.
For instance, what happened to video game arcades. In the early 80s, they were all the rage. Every mall had a store put aside for games, most of which cost a quarter to play.
It was a chance to hang out with friends and play a few games. There was always a line at PacMan. There were sports games, space games, driving games (the favorite among those in the know) and, of course, pinball games.
You threw in a few quarters over the course of a few hours, got out of the house and actually interacted with people, some of which you didn't even know.
Now, video games are played in the house in front of the television. If children aren't playing alone, they are playing with a small group of friends.
Sure, the technology has improved to the point that today's video games make yesteryear's look like board games. OK, I get the 3D graphics and the role playing, but it's not enough.
Playstation, X-Box and the like not only are making our children lazier and, probably, a little heavier, but there's a social aspect missing as well.
Even if we were doing the same thing, at least we were out with people. Learning everbody in the community was a little different, liked different games.
Maybe it's not the most important thing in the world, but, in a world that's increasingly busy, the little things do matter a lot.
OK, here's a classic from days gone by:

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