Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Rise and Shine

Good Morning, Delaware County!

So, how do you get back to a sense of normalcy in an abnormal situation? It's impossible, but we continue to try.

Earlier this week, on a night that was anything but springlike, the Westbrook Park Phillies were playing the Indians in a youth baseball game.
This being baseball and all, the number of children playing the game are starting to decline and the Phillies found themselves a couple of players short. They still wanted to play the game, so the 6-year old brother of one of the team members was talked into helping out.
Although he had a few Tee-ball games under his belt, 'real baseball' was entirely new. Heck, his older brother was only playing in his third game, so it was really new to him as well.
So, with the brothers manning center field (older) and right field (younger) the game was played.
The rest of the Phillies welcomed their 'new teammate,' despite him wearing a Braves hat, and were having fun going out and playing. The cold, biting wind didn't even seem to matter.
Each brother were able to get hits throughout the game, although the younger boy was out at third base each time.
That is, until the final inning. With a Braves hat helping hold the batting helmet on his head, the younger brother was stading on third as the older brother stepped to the plate.
A ground ball that had eyes and went into the outfield ended the game by bringing the small boy home.
The players, on both teams, celebrated. Bringing big smiles to everybody who had gathered to witness the game.
Doesn't get any better:

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