Tuesday, May 6, 2008



OK, it's another 'HUGE' primary day where voters will go to the polls in Indiana and North Carolina and vote for Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.
Still, no matter how it turns out, there will be another 'HUGE' primary day coming soon. Then another. Then a big convention where one of them will be nominated for president (and, in a likely scenerio, the other being vice president).
The latest rhetoric coming from the candidates, including GOP leader John McCain, is about suspending the gas tax for the summer to 'help out' people filling the tank.
OK, 18 cents is nice, but, really, is it going to make much of a difference? 18 cents. By the time our Government decides to make such a move, gas prices will have risen by about 50 cents, so that 18 cents does absolutely nothing. It sounds good, but it's not going to help when we are paying close to $40 to fill up a Saturn.
How about this: Don't drive.
Yeah, it's simple and it's been said before, but if we limit the amount of time on the roads and, say, make one trip to the store a week, that gas bill will no doubt go down.
Anyway, here they are worried about 18 cents a gallon when there are other wars out there, so to speak. Not even mentioning the joke in Iraq, how about the war on the streets?
If somebody can get a Chinese-made assault rifle to gun down police, there probably not going to think twice before taking your car or busting into your house.
Money is one thing, life is another. Are there any good uninhabited islands?

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