Wednesday, May 14, 2008



Now that the West Virginia primary is over, can we all get back to the real news?
What's the real news? Well, reality television of course.
It's coming down to the finals of both 'Dancing with the Stars' and 'American Idol.'
I propose a battle. Take the 'Dancing' winner and pit whoever it is against the 'Idol' winner for the title of 'Greatest spring reality star.' They can give out a big trophy with Nicholas Cage at the top and go out on a big stadium tour.
OK, having never watched 'American Idol,' it's not possible to handicap the finalists here. From the clips on television, they can all sing, but have trouble with lyrics. Still, we'll probably get some bad truck commercials over the summer with the latest 'winner.' Then they won't be heard from again until they are the opening act at Tom 'n' Jerry's some Wednesday night in the fall.
Anyway, it looks like we are going to get bombarded with reality television this summer. Here's hoping the weather will be pretty good, so the TV can remain off.
Do we really need a second season of 'American Gladiators' or something called 'I survived a Japanese Game Show?' Both will be hitting us this summer, so, be warned.
Remember the glory days when the only reality television show as a Phillies game on a warm July night? Of course, the way they've played over the years, maybe surviving a Japanese game show is a little easier.
Maybe since there's such an entity as 'Delco Idol' we can start a summer series called 'Dancing with the Delco Stars.'
I'm thinking of an opening group with Pat Croce, Vince Papale, Michael Chitwood and Gil Spencer, then head to the prison to fill out the rest.
By the way, Kristi Yamaguchi should win 'Dancing with the Stars' next week. She's been the most consistant all season, although there seems to be some backlash from viewers.

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