Thursday, June 12, 2008

Rise and Shine

Good Morning, Delaware County!

A day later, 14-month old Nicholas McCorkel clings to life.
Everybody is rooting for the little boy to pull through. To be able to overcome being left in a locked car for five hours while the heat rose into triple digits.
Some of the comments about the incident, though, leave me wondering.
How anybody, I don't care what the circumstances, could leave anybody in a car for five hours is just unbelievable.
There are no excuses. To say you forgot is unacceptable. You can forget your lunch in the car. You can forget to bring your movies back to Blockbuster. You can forget to take the bills to the post office.
You can not forget a 14-month old in the back of a car on the hottest day of the year. If the law says there is no prosecution for this, the law should be changed.
Done and done.

Now that I have that off my chest, how about something lighter?
For some reason, has to give us a list of the most powerful celebrities in the world.
Do we really need to know who is a powerful celebrity? Why do we care so much about celebrities and who exactly makes them powerful?
This year, the top five are: Oprah, Tiger, Angelina, Beyonce, Beckham.
Great, Oprah has a lot of money, so that makes her powerful. Tiger can play golf and has dumb razor commercials. Angelina and Beyonce act or sing or something. David Beckham is a soccer player.
Somehow, they are to the cream of the crop. They can do anything. Great for them. How about helping the rest of us.
By the way, the list goes to 100 with cook Paula Deen bringing up the rear.
So, if Paula Deen shows up on Oprah, does she say: "OK, Y'all, I'm knocking you off your perch. Watch out, here comes Paula Deen. Y'all"
Probably not. I think you are stretching for a list that includes not only Paula Deen, but Racheal Ray (No. 76) and Judge Judy (No. 40), but doesn't include Homer Simpson.

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