Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rise and Shine

Good Morning, Delaware County!

Somebody a lot smarter than me had a suggestion a couple of days ago.
With such a large amount of interest in celebrities (both real and believed), this smart person suggested we add some kind of local celebrity news to
It could just work, but there needs to be some eyes from the community.
For instance, if you see David Landau and Charlie Sexton having lunch, snap a quick photo or just drop a line to let us know. Of course, if that happens, maybe we are closer to the alien invasion. I'm sure many in Delco would like to know if Larry Mendte is reading the Daily Times want ads while catching a bite at Pizza Hut or if Paula Brown is shopping at the Acme.
So, let's get those celebrity sightings going. What's going on out there?

Speaking of celebrity, notice how we put that label on a lot more people these days.
Way back in 2002, celebrities were mostly movie stars, music stars or some other kind of entertainment star. Now, you can become a celebrity by making an idiot of yourself on television.
Take, for instance, the show 'America's Got Talent.' Having caught a couple of minutes of that show this week, I have to say America doesn't have talent. Sure, there are a few good performers out there, but most were just terrible. Somehow, they thought they could entertain somebody besides their family.
Then again, they are on television, so if you see them...
Speaking of politicians and celebrities, at least he's not our Governor:

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