Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rise and Shine

Good Morning, Delaware County!

OK, I'll admit it first: I tape television shows and fast-forward through the commercials.
It's not that I don't appreciate the need for advertising. I know buying things makes our country go around, it's just that commercials are annoying.
It's bad enough the shows on television are mostly stupid, but, adding the commercials, can make the headache last even longer.
Over the years, there have been some inspired ads. Ones that made us laugh.
Yet, after the four millionth time it runs in an hour, even those are annoying.
For instance, there is a commercial running right now for a new car equipped with a rear-review camera. A bunch of nudists crash on a road, are offered a ride, and hilarity ensues. Well, actually, it was funny the first couple of times, but it's just annoying after seeing it all the time.
There are some just annoying from the first viewing.
Cheerios, that old breakfast cereal we ate as a youth because our mothers were conned into thinking it was good for us, is the latest to 're-invent' itself.
There's no doubt you've seen these ads where two annoying people talk about the 'benefits' of eating Cheerios. Mostly, to help lower cholesterol. One has a guy doing housework while his wife eats. They have some kind of bet. In my mind, they both win and should leave us alone.
In fact, get all these annoying people off the air.
Here, though, is the way it's supposed to be done:

Or this one:

Or this one:
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