Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rise and Shine --- Cutting too close

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So, new Gov. Tom Corbett is expected to announce a whole bunch of cuts as he presents his state budget today.
Now, obviously, states, much like the rest of us, have to get spending in line. There is a lot of money being put out there and the checks can't cover it.
Still, some of the rumored cuts have to do with education and helping the less fortunate.
Is that really the way to go? Is it really a good idea to cut even more from school districts who are barely hanging on as it is? Is it really a solution to cut from programs that aim to keep people healthy?
This is the typical party politics I thought we were voting away. The Republicans come in and start slashing programs to help children and the poor. The Democrats go after the aged. The Tea Party, well, OK, they're just wacko.
When you start talking about education cuts the first thing some do is bring up teacher salaries.
Well, in the last year I've seen class size increase from 25 to 30 children (in some cases). Try controlling a group like that some day, then come back and tell me teacher's make too much money.
This is all just too shortsighted. Sure, there are cuts that can be made, but let's check them all out before taking out the knife.

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