Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rise and Shine --- Pizza with mice?

Good Morning and welcome back to the insider space!

So, I'm wondering this morning how it's possible to go to bed early, sleep through the night and still be exhausted the next morning. Man, that coffee can't brew quick enough.
You know, ever since moving to Delaware County, I've always wondered about the number of pizza places. There are pizza joints right next to each other on some blocks. Others are across the street from each other.
The competition is, obviously, crazy. Just think about how many of those pizza menus are left at your door each week.
With that much dough being tossed around (do they still do that?), it's obvious each pizza shop needs to distinguish itself from the rest.
Still, taking mice into a rival's shop is going a bit overboard.
How about trying something different in you shop? How about branching out and changing the menu around? How about making it a fun place to come?
No, this joker decided to do it the easy way and try to sabotage his neighbor.
Maybe it tells you all you need to know about pizza shop owners.

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