Monday, March 7, 2011

Rise and Shine --- Money, money, money

Good Morning and make sure you have your galoshes this morning!

As I watch the protests continuing in Wisconsin (CLICK HERE to check out what's happening on the ground) and see all the stuff that's happening in Libya, I can't help but figure it all comes down to the dollar sign.
Those that have money (and there is a small contingent of people who control most of the bucks) want to make sure those "below" them continue to struggle.
According to a rally speech given by filmmaker Michael Moore Saturday in Wisconsin, 400 Americans have more money than half of all Americans combined. In other words, there is a small group that can control who gets elected, what laws are enacted and how many jobs will open up.
Somehow, that seems just wrong. For all the talk about the Founding Fathers in the last election, I don't think those back in the 1700s envisioned a place where so few would control so much.
I don't think anybody out there begrudges the rich because they are rich. Most of us are just hard-working people who want to do the best for their children.
Reaganomics started this mess and it's only gotten worse. It's time we started to stand up for ourselves.

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Anonymous said...

And your using Michael Moore as your source for this? I'd love to see how much money HE has. He is a joke who spreads lies to further HIS agenda ad HIMSELF. And even if that was true, i'm sure the 400 worked very hard for their money.