Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rise and Shine --- Education, schmeducation

Good Morning and I'll make my birth certificate available online soon!!

So, yesterday the story broke the Philadelphia School District was going to eliminate more than 1,000 teachers. Last week, we heard how the William Penn School District may have to eliminate busing. The Chichester School District is looking to trim jobs and athletic teams.
Last night, Upper Darby announced there will be 47 job losses, the end of programs (gym?) and a major tax hike.
All of this is to deal with budget shortfalls thanks to the new state budget which cuts school funding.
Now, you can blame teacher unions. You can blame students. You can put the blame on whatever head you want, but it comes down to the bottom line: No matter how much is said, those in control don't really care about education.
They tie funding to ridiculous, culturally-biased testing. Then, they say there will be less teachers and support staff to get the students ready for the testing.
Some of the cuts Upper Darby is looking at includes the elimination of gym classes for high school students and getting rid of reading specialists.
Yeah, that's the way to go. Let's tell even more students they don't matter.
OK, I'm no financial wiz. Just look at the mountain of bills on my kitchen table, but there has to be another way.
We vote people into office. We expect them to look after our interests. Cutting on this level makes no sense.

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