Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rise and Shine --- It's too late

Good Morning and welcome to the rain!

It's been said before, I know that, but starting these championship sports events so late on the East Coast is losing a whole generation of fans.
Last night's NCAA Men's Basketball final didn't start until close to 9:30 p.m. It wasn't over until nearly 11:30 p.m. Unless a student is approaching college, they probably wouldn't have watched.
Instead, they'll pull out the Playstation and use their fingers to 'relive' the experience.
We know it's all about money, but I'd be willing to wager a guess if the average 10 or 11-year old was able to watch the game, there may be a few more UConn shirts purchased today. If not that, suddenly that person may become a fan of the game.
World Series games aren't over until nearly midnight. The Super Bowl pushes 11 p.m. Forget about NBA or NHL playoff games, you're looking at least midnight for those finishes.
For the first time this year, my 11-year old son was interested in the NCAA Tournament. He was rooting for Butler, because the first game we watched was won in a last-second thriller.
Maybe next year, he'll want to watch more. That's up in the air. He would definitely been ready for the next one if he could have seen some of this one.

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