Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rise and Shine --- Pennies from the pocket

Good Morning and welcome back to the Internet!

You know, every time we head to a mall, there are two places that are must stops. One is the toy store and I have to practice the 'not right now' and 'no' part of the language.
The second is the fountain. Sometimes, depending on how we walk through, the fountain will come before the toy store.
So, I make sure to fill my pockets with pennies before heading out the door. After all, you can't make wishes without pennies.
With the rain coming down Saturday, it seemed like the perfect time to head to a mall. Oh yeah, by the way, everybody and their mother had the same idea.
Once we saw the fountain, the requests started: 'Can I have a penny? Can I have a penny? Can I have a penny? Can I have a penny?'
Of course, with each penny toss has to come a wish. About 100 (or so it seemed) wishes later, it was my turn to ask what was wished for.
"Can't tell you," said the 8-year old, "then it won't come true."
The 6-year old had no such restrictions: "I wished for everybody to be happy all the time."
So, I turned over to the 11-year old. "I just had one wish," he said.
At which time I braced myself for to hear about how he wished for the newest game system or a new TV or a new laptop.
"I wished the people of Japan will be able to rebuild their lives after the earthquake."

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