Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rise and Shine --- Meet the new boss...

Good Morning and welcome back to the sun!

So, we are back where we started in this whole federal budget mess. As usual, it comes down to special interests, something we here on the ground have no say.
The President wants to raise taxes on the rich. His opposition says that will kill jobs.
The killing jobs thing seems from here a silly position.
First of all, those who run those big companies have been killing jobs for years. Just ask anybody who is out of work. You can apply for jobs. You can go on interviews, but unless you are willing to take a minimum salary, you aren't getting the job.
It doesn't really matter if you raise taxes, lower taxes or even eliminate taxes. It all comes down to greed.
Here's an example to mull over. Craig Dubow is the CEO of Gannett, the publisher of USA Today, the Wilmington News Journal and other papers around the country.
Last year, Gannett laid off hundreds of workers and told those still around they had to take two weeks unpaid furlough during the year. There are rumors of more layoffs this year and the furloughs were heaped upon workers again.
For this, Dubow doubled his salary in 2010 and took home $9.4 million, including a $1.75 million bonus.
Those that have it want to get more, it doesn't matter if they are taxed or not.

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Anonymous said...

On point and Im glad you laid to rest finger pointing....and placed responsibilities where they belong...on choice