Monday, April 11, 2011

Rise and Shine --- Skipping along

Good Morning and is it really going to be 80 today?

"You hate commercials, don't you?" came the question from the couch the other day.
No, I don't hate commercials. I just figure when one comes on the television it's a good time to check out what else is happening.
Maybe I want to take a break from latest adventures of SpongeBob to see how the Phillies are doing. Maybe I'm trying to burn the idea of talking dogs out of my head by seeing if there's anything (ANYTHING) else on television.
So, at least I can justify grabbing the remote during commercials. Not to say there aren't entertaining commercials. Most are well done, but I don't need to know that taking prilosec could cause instant death despite the smiling people apparently using it.
By the way, if all these drugs have so drastic side effects, why would anybody even think about taking them? Oh yeah, drug companies have a lot of money and doctors need to pay insurance premiums and, well, never mind.
So, I'll continue to skip along unless, of course, I can come up with the next great invention.

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