Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rise and Shine --- School excitement

Good Morning and why is Anthony Weiner still in the news?!?

OK, I said yesterday morning, it's you last day of kindergarten, how does it feel to almost be a first-grader?
"Dad," the 6-year old who actually sat through a graduation ceremony Monday, but had to go back for one more day Tuesday (thanks, snow!), "it's no different. I'm still the same person. I like kindergarten."
So, I tried my question two more times first with a third-grader, then a sixth grader.
How does it feel to be almost done school and be a fourth-grader?
"Same as yesterday," said the younger. "Can I play (a specific videogame)?"
First tell me what it's like to almost be done school?
"What's the difference? I still have to go back after the summer."
Once more, how does it feel like to be just about done your first year of middle school.
"I don't know," said the almost teenager.
You like school, though, will you miss being in sixth-grade.
"I don't know."
Yeah, but how was the last week of school?
Shoulder shrug.
Hey, at least we have the summer.

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