Monday, December 12, 2011

Rise and Shine --- A new Low-es

Good Morning and I really don't like the cold!

So, I kind of glanced at a story yesterday about how Lowe's was pulling it's advertising from some show called "All-American Muslim."
Now, up until I read the story, a copy of which you can see HERE, I had never heard of "All-American Muslim."
Unless you are an avid watcher of TLC, you probably never heard of it either. It's apparently a reality show about, well, a Muslim family living in America.
Sounds like it's probably one of those shows that follows a family around, they talk to the camera, they argue, they hug. Much like any other reality show on TV.
Then, some wacko group out of Florida decided to protest the show because, well, basically they hate everybody.
For some reason, Lowe's saw this protest, must have agreed and pulled their ads.
What's next? They pull ads from reruns of "Good Times" or "Everybody Loves Raymond?"
Just one question, where's the nearest Home Depot?

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