Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Rise and Shine --- Too early for the tree?

Good Morning and isn't Global Warming pretty nice?

So, when the dishes were put away from Thanksgiving dinner and everybody was sitting on the couch, the question came for the first time: 'Can we get a tree?'
Of course, I knew that didn't mean taking a ride to the garden shop and picking up a peach tree.
It was time to start thinking about a Christmas tree. Growing up, we always had the artificial one, so timing didn't matter. Pull it down from the attic and start decorating.
With a real tree, though, you have to balance out how far in advance of the holiday you get one. I'm always afraid it's going to dry out and we'll be greeted Christmas morning with brown needles.
So, I've been able to put it off for the last couple of weeks. I somewhere along the line mentioned Dec. 10. They can't remember what was for dinner last night, but they remember that date.
So, we'll be out tree hunting this weekend.

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