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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rise and Shine --- Soup's on

Good Morning and, yes, that is frost again on the car windows!

The best part about this time of year (by that, I mean winter, not the holidays), is it is the perfect time for a big pot of soup.
My plan this year is to make a different one every week, then spread it out through dinners. Of course, thanks to the sophisticated palates around the table, that's a lot easier said than done.
Started out with some chicken noodle soup.
"Don't like it," said the toughest critic.
Well, I said, if you don't eat your dinner, you can't have dessert.
"OK, I don't want desert."
Last week, I went with a potato/leak soup.
"Don't like it," said the critic.
Wait a minute, you didn't even try it.
"It looks disgusting."
OK. What kind of soup will you eat?
We'll see when I make that this week.

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