Monday, April 30, 2012

Rise and Shine --- Battling

Good Morning and how about those Phillies!?!

Yeah, so this year the Phillies aren't so fun to watch. Really, though, we've been treated to a ridiculous run of fun baseball.
For those of us who grew up through the lean years, the past 11 have really been unbeleivable.
For the Phillies to be mentioned as World Series favorites and having actually won the whole thing in 2008, well, it's almost like a dream.
So, I can excuse a tough year in 2012. It's those other fans who will have a tough time with it.
It's those fans who don't know the pain of watching Midre Cummings lead off,watching Wally Ritchie come trotting out of the bullpen or hoping Rick Shu will be the answer at third base.
It's those fans like the one I had a conversation with the other day.
"The Phillies stink this year."
What, they have the best pitching staff we'll ever see and they are still probably going to make the playoffs. I wouldn't say they stink.
"Yeah, but they aren't going to win the World Series."
Probably not, but they are still going to make the playoffs.
"Who cares? The Eagles make the playoffs every year, but they don't win. It gets boring."
Boring? Let me tell you about boring baseball ...
"Isn't there a movie on?"
Suffer. You must suffer like the rest of us did through the 80s and 90s. learn the pain so you may appreciate the wins.
"Who are you? Yoda? I'm going upstairs."

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