Monday, April 23, 2012

Rise and Shine --- Softball and M&Ms

Good Morning and wouldn't it be nice if applications warned you before they changed?

When I got an e-mail last week asking if I would take over managing the 7-year old girls softball team for Saturday's game,  I was excited.
After all, it's not too often you get to take a lead role in something somebody might remember 30 years from now.
In the days leading up to my managerial debut (OK, it's not so much managing as keeping the chaos to a minimum), I started thinking the girls might need a little incentive.
I had told them the previous game if they won, I would make cookies for the next game. That seemed to get them focused on the game instead of the gossip, but they couldn't quite pull out the win.
So, while shopping Thursday night, I saw some Easter candy at a deep discount. Among the offers were those tubes of mini M&Ms. It hit me the incentive has to be immediate.
So, I picked up enough of the candy to cover the team and told them I had a treat ready for a good game. (One thing we are trying to teach this year is it doesn't matter if you win or lose, just have fun on the field).
They went out Saturday and hit the ball, fielded the ball, laughed, cheered and had a fun afternoon.
Oh yeah, the M&Ms were gone before they left the field.

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