Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rise and Shine -- Dick Clark

Good Morning and would it be so bad to have one day of rain?

There are a lot of columns and blogs out there today remembering Dick Clark. Many talk about the icon hosting American Bandstand out of Philadelphia.
Well, he moved that show to Los Angeles before I was born. I remember watching the L.A. version a few times, but, really, I didn't get the whole concept.
They play music we watch a bunch of self-affected teenagers dancing. Who cares?
Many other will write about how they spent New Year's Eve with Clark on the TV every year. His 'New Year's Rocking Eve' certainly is the standard-bearer as far as that goes, but, much like New Year's Eve, it's eventually just a tease.
The performances, at least during the show's heyday, were taped. After the countdown, really, what else did the show offer.
No, those things were fine, but Clark's best moments (at least in my eyes), came on the greatest game show in history, The $25,000 Pyramid.
Just check it out:

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