Monday, August 5, 2013

Bases and balls

Good Morning all you gentle readers!

When did summer end? I woke up this morning and could have sworn it was September. Well, except for the lack of buses and such.
So, today's the day that Major League Baseball cracks down on about 12 players as it continues to try to 'clean up the game.'
Whenever I hear these stories, I hasten back to years of yesteryear. During the last big steroid controversy (I think it was Barry Bonds chasing the home run record), Daily Times columnist Jack McCaffery was asked what he thought about drugs in sports.
To paraphrase (OK, to clean up the language), Jack said something like, "I don't care what they do to their bodies, I just want to see long home runs."
Now, that might be a simplistic argument, but the question remains, why does anybody care? If these highly-paid people feel they need to put their health in danger to win a few awards, so be it. If the leagues (any league) wants to kick them out, so be it.
In the end, it does nothing for me. I'll watch the games if there's nothing better on TV. I'll sleep OK.
I guess there's a need to talk about something in the middle of summer and this is probably as good as anything.
I think the over-riding feeling, though, is we like to see the privileged fail. Especially, if they cheated.

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