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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

You want an actual book?

Good Morning and, come on, who's really loving this humidity?

About a year ago, I purchased a Kindle. It's not one of those fancy ones with games and videos and more games. It's just a basic Kindle.
I found out I could 'rent' books through the library web site. Since I never remembered to bring books back to the library on time (I seriously had a $10 fine once) this was a great solution.
I've probably read more books in the last year than I had in the previous decade, so the Kindle has proved to be a wise investment.
Of course, when I first got it, the group at home was enamored with it. They all wanted to read books on the Kindle. It got to the point where I had schedule times each could use it. Once again, not a bad thing. They were reading, but it felt somehow different.
For Christmas, somebody was getting rid of a basic Nook for cheap. OK, I thought, perfect. I can keep my Kindle and they could use the Nook.
Worked great. We were reading. We were talking about the stories.
So, of course, I figured it would be easy to get through the school's summer reading lists.
"Hey guys," I said, "I downloaded some of your summer reading on the Nook."
"I want a real book or I'm not reading," said the 8-year old.
"I thought you liked reading on the touch screen."
"It's not the same," she said. "I want a real book or I'm not reading."
I thought those days were gone.

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