Monday, August 19, 2013

How does your garden grow?

Good Morning and I hear summer might make a visit this week!

So, once again this year, I dutifully worked my garden.
I got a few tomato plants, a couple of peppers and a couple of bags of organic dirt.
I pulled the weeds, watered the plants and made sure the squirrels stayed away.
I have tons of green tomatoes all over the vines.
I have scant few that have ripened.
Now, I've been told it's because of all the rain we had this year.
"All my plants are slow this year," said one fellow backyard gardener. "I think it's one of those slow years."
Yeah, right.
I'm going to be stuck with a thousand green tomatoes again this year. 
I'm going to have to go to my green tomato cookbook.
Hey, maybe there's a deal there. I could write the Frustrated Gardener's Guide to Green Tomatoes.

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