Monday, August 12, 2013


Good Morning and I think the summer is going too fast!!

I just glanced at the date in the lower right of my laptop and (WHAT!!) it's already August 12.
Where did the summer go? What happened to July? I still have too much I want to do this year!!
I've seen the commercials and the ads pushing 'Back to School.' I've been to Target and I get the feeling they hope to clear out the pencils and crayons so the Christmas decorations can be displayed.
I know time moves on. I know it. I can feel it. Doesn't mean I have to like it.
I'm not one of those parents who looks forward to the school days with glee. Sure, it will be good to get everybody back into a structured environment, but I like the free-form of summer.
I like waking up late and saying, "Hey, lets drive down the shore."
I like waking up late and asking, "Who wants to go swimming?"
I like waking up late and hearing the snores from the next room.
OK, mostly I like waking up late, but that's another story.

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