Monday, September 30, 2013

For everything, a season

Good Morning and how about them Eagles?!?!

I'm one who likes everything in its own time.
For instance, I won't do any Christmas shopping until after Thanksgiving (usually not until the last week, but that's another story). I cringe when I see those Halloween stores cropping up Sept. 1. Don't even talk to me about the Valentine's candy that shows up just after the New Year or the Easter stuff that hits the same time as the Super Bowl.
There's enough rushing in this world. I don't need to hear 'Jingle Bells' before Santa drives his sleigh in front of Macy's. (Yeah, I know those lights and trees are already up in most stores. I'm just going to ignore them for a few months).
So, when I saw Pumpkinland was opening at Linvilla Orchards, my first thought was "isn't it still summer?"
That's usually a Saturday in October trip for us. Get pumpkins, take a hay ride, stock up on apples.
Still, for some reason, the pull was too much for me to ignore and we were there Saturday afternoon.
Guess what? It was a fun time even though we were only in the last weekend of September.
We picked out pumpkins (really, 20 pounds each?) and were there until it closed.
Now, I'm ready for what fall has to offer.
Just don't start singing 'White Christmas' until November please.

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